Sam B Yoga Case Study:

Rebranding, Web Development, Online Training, Video Production & Product Design

Sam B Yoga, a yoga teacher and entrepreneur, approached South by North with a range of requirements, to enhance its brand presence, expand its online services, and create valuable content for various collaborative charity projects. This case study outlines how South by North successfully collaborated with Sam B Yoga to meet its goals before, during and after the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Sam B Yoga, aimed to revamp its brand identity, establish an online presence with a new website, introduce an online booking system for yoga classes and store, develop Yoga Cards for Teaching Children, and transition its in-person yoga teacher training and primary school teacher training to an online platform. Additionally, we helped Sam B Yoga support children’s charities by creating online videos and teaching resources for The Honey Pot Children’s Charity and Energise Me, with the Hampshire School Games Week.

Rebranding and

Website Development:

South by North began by conducting an in-depth analysis of Sam B Yoga’s target audience, market position, and competitor landscape. Based on this research, a comprehensive rebranding strategy was developed, including a modernised logo, colour palette, typography, business stationery, certificates and brand guidelines to reflect the essence of Sam B Yoga’s vision and values.

Yoga Cards

for Teaching Children:

Understanding the importance of promoting yoga among children, South by North created visually appealing and engaging Yoga Cards for Teaching Children, focusing on building strength and flexibility. These cards were designed to facilitate yoga sessions in primary schools and other educational settings, providing a comprehensive and age-appropriate resource for teachers and students.

We worked on all aspects of the cards, from planning and photography to design and layout. Includes packaging and marketing materials.

Transition to

Online Training:

Recognising the need to adapt to the global situation during the COVID-19 pandemic, South by North worked closely with Sam B Yoga to transition their in-person yoga teacher training and primary school teacher training programs to an online format. A bespoke learning platform was developed, offering a seamless virtual environment for participants to access course materials, engage in interactive sessions, and receive personalised feedback from instructors.

Video Production

The PE Suite

Drawing upon Sam B Yoga’s expertise in yoga instruction, South by North worked closely with The PE Suite to develop high-quality yoga videos specifically tailored for primary school children. These videos featured children demonstrating various yoga movements and postures, providing teachers with a valuable resource to integrate physical education and mindfulness practices into their curriculum.

The collaboration with The PE Suite allowed Sam B Yoga to amplify its impact in promoting physical education, mindfulness, and well-being among primary school children. Through this partnership, South by North successfully assisted in creating a win-win scenario where both organisations could achieve their goals while making a positive difference in the community.

The Honey Pot Children's Charity

Sam B Yoga and South by North are committed to supporting charitable causes, we collaborated with The Honey Pot Children’s Charity to create valuable content that would benefit young carers. Understanding the unique challenges faced by this vulnerable group, Sam B Yoga and South by North developed a series of instructional videos aimed at providing therapeutic and mindful practices.

The instructional videos created for The Honey Pot Children’s Charity focused on incorporating yoga and mindfulness exercises specifically tailored to young carers. These videos aimed to offer a much-needed respite from their responsibilities, promote self-care, and support their overall well-being.

Energize Me: Hampshire School Games Week

Inspiring young people to engage in physical activity and foster a lifelong love for fitness, Sam B Yoga partnered with Energise Me for the Hampshire School Games Week project. South by North worked with to create a series of videos combining Olympic sports and yoga, aiming to encourage young individuals to embrace an active lifestyle through positive experiences of daily activity and friendly competition.

Understanding the importance of making physical activity enjoyable and accessible, Sam B Yoga and South by North developed engaging videos that seamlessly integrated yoga movements with various Olympic sports. The videos catered to different key stages, ensuring that children of different ages and ability could participate.


The collaboration between South by North and Sam B Yoga proved to be successful and impactful. By addressing the client’s needs for rebranding, website development, yoga card design, online training, and video production, South by North helped Sam B Yoga navigate the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and expand their reach in the digital space.

Sam B Yoga experienced increased visibility, enrolments, and revenue. Furthermore, the collaboration with The PE Suite and charitable initiatives such as The Honey Pot Children’s Charity and Energize Me demonstrated Sam B Yoga’s commitment to making a positive impact on various communities and promoting the benefits of yoga and mindfulness.

South by North takes pride in its collaboration with Sam B Yoga, utilising its expertise to deliver innovative solutions and contribute to the success of the client’s business. By embracing the power of design, technology, and meaningful partnerships, South by North helped Sam B Yoga thrive during challenging times and establish a strong presence in the online yoga and wellness industry.